Thursday, 1 November 2007

Of Soothsayers, Believers and Fools

The room was dark, everyone was still... The doors were tightly shut as the room resembled a sepulchre. My friend concentrated and I feigned it too... The saint had been called, Peter, please answer:... My friend (Kumar) Prashanth touched the screen of the laptop and the question was posted on the website - "What is my name?"...

It took a while... A few fellows from my branch stared expectantly(even though they didn't know what to expect) - half curious, half frightened... Kumag Rashanth jj - was the answer; the guy next to me jumped so high, he almost banged his head on my fan... St. Peter had answered...
(For those unfamiliar with the concept of 'Peter-answers', it's a website which allows you to ask any question and then discretely enter an answer to it; when the poor guy seeing it for the first time turns white thinking the saint has been invoked from his heavenly abode to answer his petitions...)

The next few hours of the night brought me questions from all over the bhawan... "Does she like me or not?", "I lost my keys, where is it?" and some other really interesting ones! Oh my god, how can you fall for such a corny thing! I answered the difficult ones by fiat - "Peter cannot understand the emotion of love... He can only answer those questions whose answers the questionner has in his subconcious...."

Soon I heard shouts and yells - "Peter baba ke jai ho!" (literally translating to 'Everyone, praise St. Peter') After this frenzy gradually subsided, a very pertubed looking friend approached me...
Friend : "Dude, what will be my CGPA at the end of SemesterII?"
I : "Peter is not a fortune-teller or a gypsee you know! You should treat him with more respect!!"

The poor guy fled (perhaps fearing the Curse of The Wicked Website)... We all (the seers and the feigning believers) had a hearty laugh. It was only a day later that we told the guys about it... (They were fuming with rage)

P.S. I hope this rage has subsided.

STATUTORY WARNING : Demonstrating excessive rage is strongly discouraged. (As it may result in a badly brutalized author.)

P.P.S. This post does not, intentionally or unintentionally, wish to hurt anyone's sentiments. So any such occurence is purely coincidental.

Note: This post was made after 'That Average Winter Day' yet, according to blogger, this is dated earlier to that... Now how did that happen?? Hmmm I wonder... maybe I must ask Peter.