Monday, 23 March 2009

Ideaz - A Thesis on Cogni

Yes, today (yesterday) it happened. Efforts spanning over three months finally manifesting themselves as a brilliant three days was a pleasing sight. This being my first experiance with something so big made it all the more special. Albeit my job involved mainly sitting in the Cognizance office, I'm glad to have been part of the event which seems to have redeemed some lost glory after last year's abysmal show. Throughout the last three months, I have only looked forward to the event and now it has come to an end.

During my great sittings in the office - chatting with arbit creatures, studying the patterns of cracks developing on the walls (and hacking Jetty's facebook profile), I learnt that sitting can often turn out to be a regretful experience. Not only does your backside get numb after a while, it also leads to a highly vela (jobless) and destructive mind which only calms down (on further sitting) due to sleep. Nevertheless, as I was saying, I had looked forward to the event... and perhaps to the temporary periods of plush greenery on campus ('Think Energy. Go Green.' - it was always there for a reason).

Today, the curtains finally fell... (can I take a bow here?) and it was definitely better than I had imagined it to be. In fact Cognizance grew into something so big (amplified by the absence of mishaps during the event - apart from the falling of ceiling tiles at the string theory lecture) during the three days that even the anticlimax, being Anushka (who was bad; apart from the mini) and The Aryans (who were worse and didn't have the mini), couldn't cloud the aura. Even HHH stealing my icecream didn't dampen my spirit! (That's saying something...) The only regret which remains is the fact that I have wound up richer by not a penny (read: I did not participate in Ideaz).

I don't believe in lifting others' years of sweat and brilliance, putting it in one concise 10 slide ppt (or pptx) and winning myself two or three K (which every random guy seems to have done). If Ideas weren't enough, there were a more paper presentations - Prakriti and Urja, Ruraisle, and zillions of other such events attracted people from far off and wide - transcending states (and nations?). But these definitely satiated the monetary requirements of the Roorkee junta and also promises a number of chapos in the month to come. I'm disturbed by the ease with which people have made cash. But then again - maybe I should have entered one? Why blame someone else for my abysmally (yes, I've taken a liking for this word ever since I learnt how wrongly it can be used) dry Cogni!

The quizzes were there again... This time, more than the others, I regretted sitting through some of the torturous finals (esp. General - which gave even the finalists a headache and MMS - which I thankfully didn't sit through). I organized and I participated, but whatever I did - all the quizzes could be described by the great word - "Arbit". In fact it changed from arbit to arbiter to the  arbitest.

'Arbit-Quiz'-manufacturer: Any answers?
The-Biz-Whiz: Pass.
Arbit-fact-collector: That is an artists's depiction of Europa being kidnapped by Zeus! (what?)
'Arbit-Quiz'-manufacturer: What a nonchalant response!

Whoa! I came. I saw. I got Arbitted! As matter of fact, even Bizztech (to the great frustration of Ghajini) was arbit - reasons may have been many: the less time we'd got; we overslept etc... still. I nevertheless congratulate the winners of all  the quizzes whilst I'm still thoroughly perplexed as to where, how and why someone would gather such strange trivia!

Today, the last day of Cogni'09, was the first day I actually went out in a quest for events, but alas, there were none! As usual, the great saviour called Bakar was there yet again.... Though a certain Akhilesh's (who?) losses livened the atmosphere at UG. The day almost ended in a high but the cacophony at Pro-Nite quickly brought us down to the Earth and firmly rooted our feet in good ol' Terra Firma.

What I was looking forward to, since the holidays, has come and gone, leaving behind only a TS, an end-semester and lots of classes hovering ominously in our path. Talking about classes, what about tomorrow? (or is that today?)

P.S. We are the champions of Chandigarh... I congratulate the Biz Whizzes as well as Lit-Sec whilst I condemn Biz Whiz #1 for not showing restraint and rationale in his single handed 'completion' of certain purchases.

P.P.S. The aeroshow rocked. I didn't expect IITR to put up something like it...

P.P.P.S. Guus Hiddink is a magician.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Deja Vu - Nevermore?

Yellow and Purple all around
Colours - Plentiful and abound
Last time green, this time red
Colours splashed o'er my head.

Faces smiled, but numbered few
And I remembered, nothing new
The same visage, year on year
No one to see, nothing to hear.

A festival of colours made merry
By nought but a few, few very
Not that people lacked spirit and joy
They'd sailed away - 'Home ahoy!' 

A year had passed with nothing changed
Deserted wings, I felt estranged
RJB before and Cautley now
I ne'er realized, I do now.

This desolation set me thinking- 
With the greater desertion, I was linking...
The inevitable exodus, soon will come
Taking all, leaving not even some.

'Two years passed into my stay in R
I already feel I've travelled too far
Only two more springs will I see
From R-Land; then I'll be free.'

These were the thoughts I pondered upon
As I left for the Bus with a frown.
Exactly then, as had happenned prior
HHH consorted me to SpiceJet's Flyer.

All along the way, scenes we'd seen
Dialogues different, but we'd already been
This exact same way, heretofore.
Two more years, then no more.

My mind walked... back to R
People are leaving, voyaging afar
People known, younger back then
We'll see them, we know not when.

One journey ended, the other's felt close
Alighting the bus, we took the roads
Now, even my words did echo
What I quoth a year ago.

A Deja Vu; strong, profound
Unleashing those feelings bound
To R-land and associated places
To their people; well known faces.

The journey ended, dismounted we
People noticed some colors on me
Last time green, this time red
Colours splashed o'er my head.

I'd finally decided to enjoy the time I had
Colours were here - nothing to be sad
Last time green, this time red
Colours splashed o'er my head.

Happy Holi Everyone

              A key for non-'R'ians:
      RJB: A first yearite hostel where we spend one year (atleast).
      Cautley: My abode now
      HHH - A person
      SpiceJet (for clarity's sake) - A low-cost New Delhi based                        airline service.