Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Contenders For The Championship!

Well, its been a long time since I've made a post but thats mostly coz I didn't have much to write about but now, todays achievements cannot be ignored। And hence this post... Not very often do I do somethin so remarkable in the field of sports!

An intense fear swept over us as we took the field... Playing the 'Playboys' in the ICL semis, we had quite a chance to get into the finals to vanquish the 'Destroyers'. Well, we were determined to rewrite history - The revenge of the Meta-ans would be complete if we took the trophy as the 'Destroyers' had defeated our brethren, we had vowed to fight to the finish and avenge them! But first, in the way were the Archi guys of 3rd and 4th years। Would we survive till D-Day H-Hour?

The 8 players took field। Soon the coin was tossed, one which we lost... But who cares? We still had the game to win!

First Over: Dot। Dot. Cheers all around and the oppenent was psyched out... A swish and a miss. The few guys in the stand were proving that they could create much more of a ruckus than a filled Eden Gardens... Another dot - Brilliant stuff! Then a six... The supporters of the opponents were up on their feet cheering wildly as I felt helpless. Last ball and chants were around 'Lappa! Lappa!' - (literally meaning 'Fluke!') The next ball was a full toss. He was bowled!

It continued on this note and soon the opponents were crumbling under the crowd's pressure। The strangest fact is that 'their' supporters outnumbered ours 5:1... But they had chosen to stay quiet and we took full advantage. Following a series of ordinary bowling, electric fielding and deafening crowds, they had only 57 on the board when they ran out of batsmen.

Our innings was going just fine; then a hiccup - My opening batsman was out. He cursed his luck as he walked. Then a quick wicket and the pressure was on us...
The 'Playboy' supporters cheered and my supporters applauded them mockingly. They were quiet soon! Inwardly I hoped it will not come down to the last batsman (as they were an inexperianced lot). Then luck smiled upon us - A missed run-out, 2 dropped catches and an endless array of wides which stopped only when the batsman pleaded with the bowler to not bowl any more of those... I wanted to win with the bat! As the saying goes - Its not whether you win or lose... Its about how you win!

6 runs needed... Single. Double. Dot. Overstepping - No Ball. Next Ball - Batsman is caught in the deep... Of a free hit!! (Single) Next ball... (pleeeez DONT!!) WIDE! We won!! Here we come 'Destroyers'! I'd done my part in the team's victory and I am proud of it...

Before I get too carried away, did I tell you I wasn't playing the real match. No I was more important than that... I had urged the team on from the crowds!