Tuesday, 23 February 2010

An Answer

Given my distaste for pure Math- alarming though it might sound keeping in view from where I hail - and my ungainly arithmetic skills, I find that linear equations are rather uncomplicated; it's just a matter of letting the variable vault the equality symbol. But these seemingly innocuous relationships get vile and vicious once you let more variables join in on the act, soon forming an utterly incomprehensible matrix of bedazzling coefficients and perplexing solutions. So one can only sympathize with my latest predicament, wherein an inexplicable urge preceding incomprehensible actions find me trying to solve the 'Puzzle of the World' by a set of mathematical relationships.

What drives a man? What decides his behaviour towards fellow human beings? What are values? Who decides them? Is there ever an ultimate objective? What is the adhesive which binds men to other men and other men to money... Money to men and society... What is the Force?

I tried repeatedly talking myself into believing that this latest undertaking is not as daunting as it is impossible, but simple observations have change these overtures. Psychoanalysis is definitely not my forte, but conceivably I have made few breakthroughs- to satisfy myself, at least. One may chastise a Mathematician for oversimplification of a problem, for grim disregard of certain stochastic factors which simply cannot be snubbed. But, I am no mathematician.

One variable. That's all it takes to define Man. Each person has a single motive which serves as a life-force, a guiding principle, an omnipotent decree - with an immense aftermath, Life. Men are fickle and emotions make their ephemeral transits through their mortal flesh, but an intricate mind places this life-motive on top of any priority triangle - the ultimate veto.

"Mind over matter" arises from this simple explanation of human behaviour. So does the concept of karma, because- unknown to you, you have already determined your future course of action that very day you actualized this guiding principle. Selfish interest somewhere underlies this personal gospel - as every man, at some level he is capable of, strives to be distinct from the rest and set himself apart by realizing an iconic mental representation of his future.

These motives are wide and varied ranging from fame and glory to riches, respect, ethics and work. Take a look around you and any keen eye will discover the one force which guides any single being. You take that away from him and there is nothing left. No man. Just an empty shell, a husk. Nuclear explosions cause less damage.

Any other emotion can be overcome by forgiveness and time, which after all is the great healer. But you wrong this... and who knows? Emotions can temporarily block out or pervert the effects of the Guiding motive. But, this is temporary. Every man desires to free himself of all these and see only that one light at the end of the tunnel and the means to it.

"An inexplicable flow of life-force consumed him, conquering every emotion he had dared to muster. He was free."

Friday, 12 February 2010


1. There has been an alarming rise in the amount the rhyme-intake I have suffered in the past two weeks.
2. I have been kept away from my blog for far too long.

1 + 2 = (the following)

And it began with a great Big Bang,
Spluttering and spewing rocks a-tonne…
The heavens roared as the rocks soared,
Leaving us – the third rock from the Sun.

And then came the chivalrous TRex,
While Thunder-lizard still gnawed on tree.
The Ents grew and Archaeopteryx flew;
The Earth had sprouted, Life was free!

Ever since then, there have been Bards;
The Beedles and tree-tied Cacophonixes.
Be whatever type, a poet’s figments are ripe
Unravelling Life’s sundry paradoxes.

And today we shall go forth; we shall
Attempt to consign, categorize and classify –
These rhymes and schemes; their crimes and dreams…
Into Ballad, Tautology, Death and Lie.

There are many forms and kinds of verse
Much more than there are kinds of any other thing!
Ranging from terse to plainly morose;
The wisest pen, as does every ding-a-ling.

In a world so vast and wide…. and weird
I try, desperately, to analogize…
But then Hey! Just a letter ‘E’ away,
I find ‘bEards’ closest to my prize!

‘Beards’ and ‘Bards’ have more in common
Than letters – two incremented thrice
A Bard for a season; a Beard for a reason
And vice-versa decidedly applies!

There’s the modern clean-shaven man
As unremarkable as his shaving blade.
His verses are blank, but intelligent prose does rank
Among the best poems ever made.

The stubbled gentleman is beyond salvage
For a cynic, a disbeliever is he.
With no time to save; no wonder – no shave!
His rhyme: A troubled Ode, Suicidal Plea.

Then, there are French-bards. Vive!
They are romanticists to the core
Fair maidens blush; while wading mush
Every line attempts to hit your heart for Four.

The rugged Mountain-men are a rarity these days
Their unmistakable ballads resemble holocausts more
Than love stories; or Vampires on trees
Though unpopular now, they’ll go down as folklore.

The Goatee is the most plebeian form
As he attempts to take conquered ways.
As different from the rest; as a joke from jest
He bleats out ‘rhymers’ at alarming pace!

Then there’s a motley collection of twisted forms:
‘Soul patches’, ‘Mutton-chops’ and untrimmed ‘Art’.
Harder to explain, is the Women-poetry strain
Which I shall save for ‘B(e)ards’ – 2nd Part!