Friday, 15 January 2010

Saare Jahan Se Accha

We Indians are seldom perpetrators of racism. No; being home to such a copious heritage dating back to Mohenjadaro-Harappa and Pataliputra, we strictly adhere to the Vedic gospel –“Vasudheva Kutumbakam” – The whole world is my family.

It is the west which causes divisions among the people. Those damned Brits came to our land and tried causing rifts among the masses. Divide and Rule, they said. We didn’t give in. No! We stood tall and we stood our ground. The world is my family. I do NOT discriminate! All people are one. India is a very well governed country with great unity in diversity. But the differences in our cultures are so immense that we have had to divide the country into smaller governable regions – The states. And what better way to do this than to divide them on the basis of language? This is strictly for administrative ease. Nothing else.

After all, I resemble a Tamilian more than I resemble anyone else. Hence, it is only apt that I should be clubbed together with my people to improve bonding and social well-being. A Maharashtrian must live with a fellow Marathi and a Bihari with a likeminded person. It’s the only rational way. We are all united after all!

We Indians, from the land of the Mahatma, have been taught to turn the other cheek when slapped hard across the face. Non-violence. I am proud of this ‘Indian value’. It has lived on for over half a century now. Did not the UP worker in Mumbai turn his other cheek when Raj Thakeray’s mobs attacked him? He probably didn’t have a choice though. He died the next day, of excessive beating. His friends went with him too.
All the protests for independent Telengana are purely non-violent- Hunger strikes and peaceful all-state bandhs. Tears of joy roll down my cheeks when think of the mature stance we Indians have adopted.

When I came to north, I was ‘saved’ by my rather wheatish complexion. Other Madrasisweren’t that ‘lucky’. The ‘Oye kaale’s followed. But if this is being ‘saved’, I’d rather be on the other side, and take these ‘insults’ on my face. It’d have given me a good laugh, thinking of the lowly mindset of the United people of India. Today, we have wonderful politicians fighting for the rights of their people; fighting for more states; fighting for independent and autonomous regions alike. These people are our future. Karunanidhi would rather join the Sri Lankans than let his people speak a word of Hindi. That’s our country. Unity in Diversity.

There was a time in school, when I read about the 26 states of India. Now, it’s 28 and seven union territories. Who knows how many there will be by the time you read this post!

“All Indians are my brothers and sisters… and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always try to be worthy of it.” Really?

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Root of all Evil...

Cognizance has tried hard. But cannot absorb me completely.

A day after I posed questions like "How many hours can you spend in the Cognizance office", "How do you propose to manage some ten things together" and associated interview-standards, I ask myself the same. January first saw the Winter viruses finally vanquished, as my body cooled to more acceptable temperatures. Ever since, it has been hell.

A month ago, I'd have laughed - had anyone told me I can make myself busy and place that strange 'red dot' against my status. I'm afraid my worst fears have been realized. While thoroughly enjoying the process of 'search-call-extort', I am finally beginning to see the other side of things. Those unending hours of velaness have all been killed in one powerful, crushing blow. No longer do I play PES endlessly. I don't listen to music for the sake of listening to music. I sleep as soon as 'work' gets done. The frequency of my trips up and down Mount Library have more than doubled. Why, I am no the longer omnipresent Green I used to be, on GTalk!

After a long time, I have managed to spend four-hundred rupees on a monthly phone rental at 50p/min, and I'm not too glad about it. While the wonderful warmth of the Cogni - radiator remains one of the few reasons which make me glad to spends nights and days there, the thought of negotiating that cold kilometer more than makes up for it. I still enjoy the task of Sponsorship - which, according to me, is the next best thing to Writing. Nevertheless, I have been severely chastising myself for ignoring my beloved blog for so long. Incidentally, it turns two, today! Happy birthday blog! May you stay healthy and live long.

I've got a phone call to make. Over and out.