Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Incarcerated Mind

Ahhh... The long expected and longed-for sem-break is here... Wonder why I don't care about it any longer. I've never agreed with - 'Good things come in small packages'; I've always thought, to quote a friend - 'Better things come in bigger ones'... But as the seconds crawl by to form big minutes and the minutes gradually develop into hours, I wish my holidays were shorter!

Yesterday, college reopened for some of my friends after a 6 day summer vacation! Well thats torture for sure, but this is too... Two and a half months to kill and I wonder why the year was made with 12 months... Well, Ludlum can keep me busy for a few days, but not even the best libraries of the world can save me from the inevitable- I've been sentenced - Death By Boredom!

For long, I've been fighting to maintain my agility - not physical, I've ruled out that possibility (Jogging in the mornings is too strenuous and playing football in the evening is unimportant when compared to lazying around at the beach); it's mental agility that I'm concerned about! Long has gone the time when Yudhishtra said - 'The human mind is the fastest thing in the Universe', I proudly boast of having the slowest mind... So much so that I'm worried that when asked my name, I'll begin with - 'Du...uh...'... Of course, 'it' is bloody brilliant at times, often gushing with ideas, its full of poems and stories and ways of solving the oil crisis! And so, with a pen and paper, I sit down to write down these brilliant fabrications of mine and >>>>
BLANK... The creativity is gone and I'm dumber than ever... This has happened twice so far and I was determined never to let it repeat. Desperate times call for desperate measures

- I'll never feel dumb again - I'll never touch that pen and paper again!

Later that week, I was watching the NDTV interview of Jeffrey Archer. He was apparently telling us what it takes to be a writer - I always imagined writing to be spontaeneous and instinctive art. Instead, he says that he's got it all sketched out - 2 hours in the morning, then a break before another two hours. Then two hours in the evening and 2 at night! Well, if it takes all that, I resign!! The damn man has the whole thing planned. But who blames him, writing is his job. I ain't gonna do that the whole day!

But I've not lost hope, in fact I've hoped for so much that I ended writing a poem on 'Hope'... Guess I'm not as bad as I thought. Perhaps, there is a chance to realize these dreams and develop a greater vision. But for that, I've got some serious 'mind-freeing' to do...
Anyone, see Neo??