Saturday, 28 May 2011

I Shall Always Remember

1.      Roorkee monsoons – for taking me, every time, to the beginning of four wonderful years

2.      The Meta wing – for showing me that not all people change
3.      The BC Dream – for coming true
4.      Watch Out News Agency – without which I’d still be typing in ‘Times New Roman’
5.      LitSecTM – for being the only group I haven’t been thrown out of
6.      Bone-chilling winters – for moongfali, coffee and rose-cheeked girls
7.      The slope – for letting speed thrill, in the days before the humps
8.      Numbers 62, 63 and 64 – and their occupants
9.      Kondy – for being my name

10.  Se7en – even if it’s on the second floor
11.  Comfortably Numb – for having been my favourite song for most of my college life
12.  Valentine’s Day – because it never came
13.  My old (Atlas) ‘Flame’ – for taking me to places where my legs could not
14.  Mussoorie – for being so close by
15.  Café Coffee Day – for a lot can happen over coffee
16.  Orchid Pharma & Chemicals Pvt Ltd  – my first internship
17.  The Grand Old Men mentors, if not anything else
18.  The Farjical engineers – for loving Fun more than I do

19.  Chelsea FC – for finding me so many new friends. And enemies.
20.  Cognizance 2010 – for helping me draw half a lakh out of a man who threw a two-thousand rupee cheque at me when I was in school
21.  The Formatting Days – which made me the diplomat I am today.
22.  Pro-Evolution Soccer – because it’s so bloody awesome
23.  iPod Shuffle – for always knowing what to play next
24.  Six Registration Cards – because I cannot forget them
25.  My CGPA – for being the roller-coaster which never went off the rails
26.  The original Krows and Helmet-head – for being who they are
27.  The Schlumberger days – “Money for nothing”

28.  The Newspaper man – who has tossed papers into my room unfailingly for three years
29.  Karan-Arjun in BR – which remains an eternal source of déjà-vu
30.  The Ganga canteen-wala (whose name I still don’t know) – who disarmed me with his smile, every time
31.  ‘Late’ Team-WONA – for being people I will love forever
32.  Delhi and Chandi Debates – for all the cute girls
33.  Old Monk – for coming at 35 Rupees a shot (RP)
34.  The Gym – for helping me put matter over mind
35.  My dying laptop – for staying alive
36.  EDC IITR – for being there through my fourth year
37.  Department of Chemical Engineering, IITR – which god-alone-knows-how is the best department of the country
38.  Spirited Fellows and Solani Nights – “To more of the same!”
39.  Chest-monster and the Robot – Madmen
40.  Gambit and the Camera-man – for sticking around
41.  Team Goa and the Goat – “Next time, Tito’s!”

42.  You, Blog.


  1. No. 34 made me laugh for some time. :D

  2. Reiterate Murthy.

    Number 9. Whoever came up with that...Respekt! :D

  3. :) Seriously, the name has grown on me!

  4. Hmmm, why did you forget your ever balding head.
    (Nor reiterating a joke, just that even on pics taken from your own mobile cam, around 60% focus on your head!! Seriously even you seem obsessed with your own head. :P

  5. True. I thought about precisely this while I wound up my post! I'd love to have fitted it in, but nothing here is dispensable. And I will not make it 43.

  6. You see, that is the thing. Your obstinacy in sticking to 42 has caused you to miss out on several more things you will most certainly remember. You dumb fool.
    Just don't forget us.

  7. Amazing, How you came on to point so many points..This post is not just for you, but also for those who can't help themselves to make mind to write....We all can read this and recap our Roorkee moments....thanks buddy....I hope you keep inspiring on that 'read, write and speak' note..and keep in touch....

  8. Arun, this is an endless list... If I'd have put a hundred things here, I'd still have missed out on oh, so many. And then, I'd have bored the crao out of you people! I had to stick to some number; I chose 42.

  9. Coon, try writing man... You'll have so much more than this! But yes, one of the duties of a writer is to make the reader realize what he wants. Thanks, man. And you do the same!

  10. You may soon forget 27 after slogging on rigs !

  11. I shall always remember Kondy- for fulfilling the destiny I hoped he would, for getting rid of my stereotypes about Maddus not smoking, boozing, dating (single-handedly), for continuing to blog even if it was inane poetry I never really got or read and for doing more than his bit to make my convo memorable.

    (Inner) Peace.

  12. Lefty, I thought Dela broke that stereotype before me... Anyway, I shall humbly accept that. And my poetry is really all that asinine? :P

    Glad I could make your convo memorable though. Wonder who will contribute to mine?